Gluten Free and Dairy Free 7 Day Meal Plan

Grab your FREE Gluten Free and Dairy Free 7 Day Meal Plan with a grocery list and meal prep checklist included. #glutenfree #dairyfree #mealplan

I’m so excited to share this FREE printable Gluten Free & Dairy Free 7 Day Meal Plan with you! 

I wanted to develop this 7 day meal plan to help get you through the first week of your new lifestyle or give you a week of new and exciting recipes to try if you are feeling bored with your current recipe collection. 

I know I’m always looking for new meals to try!

The first week I found out about my food allergies was by far the most difficult.  My body was rejecting the food I was eating so I had to stop eating gluten and dairy (and a few other things) immediately. 

What in the world do you do when you suddenly can’t eat the food you’ve been eating your whole life?

You can’t run down the street and grab fast food or go to a restaurant (at least not at first) and all my go to recipes and prepackaged foods contained everything I’m allergic to! 

I’m not going to lie, the first week I ate pretty much nothing but salad and gluten free oatmeal.  I was terrified I would eat something I wasn’t supposed to without knowing so I just kept it as simple as I could until I learned how to eat this way. 

Looking back on that now, I feel a little silly because there are SO many things I can eat!

The recipes I am sharing with you today are meals we used to eat before food allergies and with some small tweaks are able to enjoy again today. 

These meals are always a huge hit!  Even with the gluten and dairy lovers!

They are also some of my most simple recipes because I know when you first get started eating this way, you need meals that come together easily. 

You can click any of the pictures below to check out the recipes included in this free gluten free & dairy free 7 day meal plan.

I’ve also provided a grocery list for these 7 recipes!

Simply go through the grocery list and check off the ingredients you already have.  Chances are you have a lot of these items already.  Then you can pick up the remaining ingredients from the store and you are ready to feed your family gluten free and dairy free dinner for the entire week!

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Grab your FREE Gluten Free and Dairy Free 7 Day Meal Plan with a grocery list and meal prep checklist included. #glutenfree #dairyfree #mealplan


    1. Hi Donna, to get the meal plans and e-cookbooks you can just fill out the form at the bottom of the post to have access sent to you. I hope this helps!

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