23 Activities to Make this Fall Extra Special

Fall can be a very magical time for the whole family and these 23 Fall activities are sure to make it even more special! Don’t forget to grab your free Printable Fall Bucket List below!


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1. Pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch

Going to the pumpkin patch is my absolute FAVORITE Fall activity! The pumpkin patch that we go to has it all.

Hayrides, pumpkins, a huge pumpkin bounce house, a carousal, pig races (yes, I said pig races!☺), train rides, playgrounds, a petting zoo, a corn maze, and lots of games for kids. It’s so much Fall in one place!

Find a pumpkin patch in your area and go pick some pumpkins! Even if it doesn’t have all of those activities, it will still be a super special family tradition!

2. Go apple picking

Apple picking is such a fun way to spend the afternoon. I love any activity that I can do with the whole family especially if it gets us outside in the beautiful Fall weather!

You also get a bunch of apples that you can make all kinds of yummy treats with!

3. Decorate your house for Fall

I love decorating my house for every season! I also think adding some decorations around the house for Fall can make your home feel extra cozy.

That’s why I created some super cute Fall printable wall decor. Grab your FREE Hello Fall printable decor and check out the rest of the collection by clicking the image below!

Check out some of my other favorite decorations below!

4. Make chili and cornbread

There’s nothing quite like a big bowl of chili when the weather starts to get cooler. Below is my favorite chili recipe to make every Fall. Of course you can’t have a big bowl of chili without some cornbread muffins too!

5. Go on a hayride

We usually get to go on at least two hayrides every Fall. One at the pumpkin patch and one at “Octoberfest” an event my aunt and uncle host every year. My kids absolutely LOVE it!

Find a hayride in your area, cuddle up with the family under a cozy blanket, and feel the crisp Fall breeze on your face. It’s amazing!

6. Make pumpkin donuts

Pumpkin donuts are one of our favorite treats during the Fall. They are super easy to make too! Check out my gluten free and vegan Pumpkin Donut Recipe below.

7. Enjoy a pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are all the rage during the Fall, but did you know it’s super easy to make them at home? Check out my delicious dairy free and gluten free Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe!

Nothing quite says Fall like these Homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes! They are so easy to make and taste incredible! They are also gluten free and vegan making them the perfect allergy friendly treat! #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan #fall #recipes #coffee
Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Don’t forget to grab a super cute coffee mug like this one below! It’s my favorite mug to date!

8. Have a family movie night

This is one of my favorite family traditions. We have multiple Halloween themed movie nights in October. What movies you choose will depend on the age of your kids, but Hotel Transylvania movies, Hocus Pocus, and Halloweentown are some of our favorites.

Don’t forget the popcorn! This is my favorite inexpensive popcorn maker and my kids think it’s so fun to watch the kernels pop! We also love eating the popcorn in these cute containers. They make movie night feel extra special!

9. Carve a pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is one of the most fun Fall activities there is! My kids love doing this as a family! It’s great because even my younger kiddo is able to participate by playing in the pumpkin goop.

Don’t forget to grab some of the essentials needed for pumpkin carving below!

10. Go to a haunted house

This is one for the older kids or maybe just adults. I used to love going to haunted houses as a teenager/young adult. Ever since I had kids I am a bit of a scaredy cat so haunted houses aren’t really my thing anymore.

We do have some escape rooms in our area that are scary themed so those have been my new version of haunted houses and they are so fun!

11. Drink hot chocolate

I love making homemade hot chocolate! You can completely control the ingredients when you make it homemade and it’s crazy easy to make.

My kids and I get a delicious treat, but it’s so much healthier than the store bought hot chocolate. Check out my gluten free and dairy free hot chocolate recipe below!

12. Have a scary movie date night

Like I mentioned before, I am a big scaredy cat nowadays. However, I do let my husband pick one scary movie a year that I will watch. So we make a date night out of it and it’s always so much fun!

13. Go to a Fall festival

This is such a fun family tradition! We have a Fall festival in our area that has a parade and is filled with local small business and craft booths.

It’s so fun to walk around and see all of the unique items that people are selling. Some of the best Fall home decor can be found there!

Find a Fall festival in your area and go exploring!

14. Have a bonfire

Every year my aunt and uncle host “Octoberfest”. We have a huge bonfire, go on a hayride, carve pumpkins, and of course enjoy s’mores!

Even if you don’t have a big bonfire event to go to, have a small one in your backyard or just make s’mores inside.

If s’mores are involved then your kids will be thrilled no matter how they are made!

15. Eat s’mores

This one goes hand in hand with having a bonfire listed above, but like I mentioned before, you don’t have to have a bonfire to enjoy s’mores!

You can make them in the microwave or you can even get this awesome s’mores maker so you still get to roast the marshmallows inside. Click the image below to check out my gluten free and dairy free homemade s’mores recipe!

16. Make caramel apples

Caramel apples are something every kid should get to enjoy! They are so fun to make and even more fun to eat. I like to make gluten free and vegan Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple Slices for my family to enjoy.

They are a lot easier to eat and the caramel to apple ratio is perfect. Click the image below to check out the recipe!

17. Drink apple cider

Apple cider is something that just HAS to happen in the Fall. It’s a must! This year I am planning to make homemade apple cider using this awesome recipe from Curry Trail.

It looks super easy to make and I bet it tastes even more amazing homemade!

18. Roast pumpkin seeds

Roasting pumpkin seeds is such a fun activity to have your kids help with! Not only do they taste amazing, but they are super easy to make!

I’m going to be trying out some new recipes this year from “My Organized Chaos”. She includes 5 different flavors to make and they all look amazing!

19. Bake a pie

I love baking pies all year long, but there is something extra special about baking an apple pie in the Fall.

Having the whole house smell like warm apples is just the best and you get to eat a delicious pie when it’s done!

Check out some of my favorite gluten free and dairy free pie recipes below!

20. Watch a football game

There is no question that in the Fall we will be watching a lot of football games. The kids think it’s so fun to get all dressed up in our sports gear and cheer on our team!

We also love to enjoy some yummy gluten free and dairy free snacks during the games to make it even more special. Check out some of my favorites below!

21. Do leaf crafts with kids

Collecting leaves and making crafts with them is such a fun activity to do with your kids!

Make cute leaf people using this tutorial from handsonaswegrow.com.

Make leaf prints using this tutorial from meaningfulmama.com.

22. Play in the leaves

Playing in the leaves during the Fall is just the best! It’s even more fun to watch your kids have a blast jumping in big leaf piles.

Have a contest to see who can make the biggest leaf pile!

Bonus, have your kids help put the leaves in trash bags when they are done and make these spider decorations!

23. Make pumpkin bread

Pumpkin bread is such a fun treat to make during the Fall. It also happens to taste amazing and makes the whole house smell like Fall spices!

Check out my homemade gluten free and dairy free pumpkin bread recipe below.

23 ways to make this Fall extra special. With a free printable Fall Bucket list.
23 ways to make this Fall extra special. With a free printable Fall Bucket list.
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23 ways to make this Fall extra special. With a free printable Fall Bucket list.

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